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Why study at UOW

It may be a numbers game, but it’s those who can make sense of the figures that hold the real power.

Mathematics and statistics help us solve problems and make decisions in every industry.

Learn how to look at financial, health, social, biological, agricultural and bioinformatics data to solve real world problems. Develop models that will drive policies and help people plan for the future.

The best in NSW and the ACT 
The Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW in 2018 as the best university in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate Science and Mathematics, and as the best in NSW in the Generic Skills and Good Teaching Scale for postgraduate Science and Mathematics.

Five star rating
The 2019 Good Universities Guide, ranked UOW first in NSW for learner engagement, overall quality and student support, also claiming a five-star rating for graduate outcomes for Science and Mathematics


Find your why

Audi graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Dean’s Scholar) degree. For Audi, life is just one big mathematical problem and he wants to solve it.

Why study Mathematics and Statistics


  • You’ll gain problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills that are in demand across all government and private sectors in countries right around the world.

  • High achieving students receive financial rewards as well as accelerated and more independent learning opportunities.

  • The Excellence in Research for Australia rankings classifies the UOW School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics ‘above world standard’, and our staff have won national awards for their teaching excellence.

  • Receive strong support from the Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Student Society.

  • You can apply for scholarships from industry partners such as Tibra, join an undergraduate research project with academic staff, access programs from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), and complete inter-university courses via our Access Grid Room.


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Overview of careers

Just about every industry depends at some point on handling and interpreting data, and on predicting and modelling outcomes. With skills that are widely applicable and easily transferable, studying mathematics and statistics is a passport to work anywhere around the world.

  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Banking Associate
  • Business Forecaster
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Mathematic Modeller
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Meteorologists
  • Quantitative Trader
  • Risk Manager
  • Statistician
  • Stockbroker
  • Transport Analyst
  • Transport Modeller

UOW is in the top 1% for graduates as rated by global employers: UOW is consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world for the quality of our graduates, ranking in the 151-200 band in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

CF Testimonial - Maths-Stats Aug 2017

I knew I always wanted to study maths. I was lucky that in my economics classes I saw how it could be applied. What I love about it is there’s only one right answer. In my mind - life’s just a big mathematical problem, and I want to solve it.

Audi Li
Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Dean’s Scholar)
University Medal (2016) for outstanding academic performance


Businesses need people who can solve problems. Things are always evolving and while learning a trade is valuable, the most important skills are being able to solve problems and adapt to new situations. That’s where my UOW degree has really helped me.

Blake Hendricks
Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (2003)
Portfolio Manager/Analyst at Macquarie Group, where he is part of a team responsible for $13 billion in funds. 


The critical thinking and problem solving skills I gained studying mathematics/statistics at UOW have been invaluable. My exposure to statistical software packages was also extremely useful. I learned that creating the figures is not enough. Allowing those figures to tell a story about the underlying data is where the power of statistics lies.

Dr Sarah Neville
Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) Honours (Class 1), 2008
Doctor of Philosophy (Statistics), 2013
Acting Director, Technical Funding and Pricing Models
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA)