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Pathways to University of Wollongong

UOW College is a supportive learning environment where students can advance their careers through study. We understand that some people need an alternative pathway into university; while others want a vocational qualification and to start their careers. We have both needs covered.

UOW College offers a range of academic pathway programs and vocational courses, plus a suite of quality English language courses. UOW College also offers OET and IELTS courses.

Our courses are offered at the main University of Wollongong campus, and UOW College students have access to many of the facilities and services that UOW students enjoy.

Valuing passion, creativity, courage and integrity the UOW College has proudly graduated over 23 000 students from 30 different nationalities over 28 years.

As reported by the Annual iGraduate English Barometer (ELB) UOW College has been ranked first in Australia for student experience, student support and arrival experience. The College has also been awarded second in Australia for living, third worldwide for overall student experience and third in Australia for learning. 

Why Study at UOW College

  • UOW College offers academic pathway programs that prepare you for university. These courses are designed for students who have not met the direct entry requirements for a UOW undergraduate degree. They are also suited to students who did not receive an ATAR from their secondary schooling or are returning to study after some time in the workplace.
  • Our vocational qualifications are nationally recognised The length of these courses vary depending on the level that you are studying but they all give you the option to gain a qualification that provides you with career-relevant skills, where you can step straight into the workforce. You can even use your vocational qualifications to apply for credit to further your studies at a university level.
  • UOW College also offers a range of English language programs to help students develop strong language skills and meet the English language requirements for UOW courses and UOW College academic programs.
Dr James Goudkamp

I completed a university entrance course at UOW College instead of pursuing the Higher School Certificate. This course was wonderful preparation for the study of law at university, and in some ways gave me an edge over students who came to university by the high school route.

Dr James Goudkamp Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws
David Ollivier

I attended UOW College in 2012 and took part in the UAP (University Access Program). The UAP introduced me to the academic standards, skills and relevant areas of study for my desired degree. Once I successfully completed my UAP course, I was guaranteed entry into University.

David Ollivier Currently studying a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Alice Moon

Something that has stood out for me is the high level of support and help that you receive all throughout College and Uni life. That support has meant a lot to me, without it I probably wouldn’t have made it into the Bachelor of Nursing at UOW.