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Why study at UOW

To fulfil your potential as an individual, you need a community.

Social Scientists are tasked with improving the lives of not just individuals but whole communities. They look at human behaviour and how we interact with our environments.

This helps them predict how people will act, and make plans and programs to improve the health and wellbeing of our society.

The best in NSW/ACT
The Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW in 2018 as the best university in New South Wales and the ACT for Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences, and second among all universities in New South Wales and the ACT for Health Services and Support.

Find your why

Maddison is studying a Bachelor of Social Science (Dean's Scholar) majoring in Criminology. She has a passion for social justice and wants to be able to make a positive impact on society and people's lives.

Why study Social Science at UOW


  • Our academics are accredited professionals, published authors and respected researchers who can connect you with their professional, community and research networks.

  • As well as being leaders in their field, our staff are very accessible and approachable and will support your learning needs and future career aspirations.

  • You can choose from a large range of major and minor study areas so you can design the course that best suits your passions.

  • You’ll engage in interdisciplinary study about human behaviour, including foundations in psychology, human geography and social determinants of health and wellbeing.


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Overview of careers

Social Sciences can open doors to a range of careers in management, policy development, education, environment, human resources, and politics. You will also have employment opportunities in health, human services, governmental and community agencies.

  • Community Planning and Development
  • Environmental Officer
  • Federal and International Policy
  • Health Care Management and Policy
  • Local and International Community Development
  • Local Government
  • Market Research
  • Policy Analysis And Evaluation
  • Social Planning and Social Impact Assessment

UOW is in the top 1% for graduates as rated by global employers: UOW is consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world for the quality of our graduates, ranking in the 151-200 band in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

Social Science Testimonial Maddison Behringer

I want to have an impact on people’s lives. Whether on a larger scale, like working in the social policy sector and trying to ensure policies are implemented which enrich and empower the most vulnerable, or working directly with individuals through case work and improving their lives directly - I think a degree in Social Science provides the foundations needed to achieve this impact and change. 

Maddison Behringer
Bachelor of Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)
Major in Criminology 

Public Health Testimonial Kate Linsley

I aim to pursue a career where I am able to use my knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life for individuals in disadvantaged circumstances. For example, those who are suffering health issues, reside in unsanitary housing, are not educated about the importance of hygiene, minority groups etc. I am passionate about using my education to better the lives of others in a less fortunate position. 

Kate Linsley
Bachelor of Social Science (Dean's Scholar)
Major in Public Health, minor in Psychology 


I think the common thread that I have encountered with the people who have taught or studied Social Science is that desire to create a positive impact on their society. My degree contained a diverse range of practical experiences and there were always opportunities to be involved and become engaged beyond the theory and assignments.

Toby Dawson
Bachelor of Science (Population Health)
Manager, IRT Foundation